About Us

Hey lovely !

I started The Scrunchie Tribe back in January of 2019. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find scrunchies that weren’t either huge or bedazzled. I myself have thin hair so a huge Scrunchie wouldn’t work for me! A little bit about me is that I’m also a licensed hairstylist! So making something that is better for my own hair and others, was inspiring to me.

I’ve always had a passion for sewing , I took it all throughout high school and my teacher was amazing. She really showed me that you can make something from nothing.

So there I was , I bought my first sewing machine , picked out some fabric and got started !

Once I got started and showed my friends that also wanted some I thought why not start a little business! Never did I think I would grow to where I am now!

If you followed me along from the beginning.. congrats , you are the true MVP!

Much love,